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      About Us

      Company Culture

      Our vision

      Committed to safeguarding global food health.

      Our mission

      Make the detection more accurate and convenient; the food safer and healthier.

      Our value

      Integrity and pragmatism, passion and responsibility, innovation and sharing, efficient execution, cooperation and improvement, pursue excellence.

      Integrity and pragmatism Innovation and Trial Error Efficiency and Execution Lifelong Learning and Willing to Share Pursuit of Excellence

      Integrity and pragmatism

      This is our principles of conduct, being committed to customers, being genuine to colleagues, being reliable and down to earth.

      Innovation and Trial Error

      Success always comes with failures and mistakes. Proactively to break through, being tolerant to fail on a controlled basis, that’s the way how we search for opportunities of creation and upgrade our products and solutions continuously.

      Efficiency and Execution

      The root and foundation of Meizheng is effective action and quick response, closer to customers for satisfying needs, and keeping improvement. We are passionate, persistent and result-driven.

      Lifelong Learning and Willing to Share

      Lifelong learning and thinking assist to harsh and update our mindset and logic. Learning and sharing is being encouraged in Meizheng.

      Pursuit of Excellence

      We need to pursue excellence, regularly reflect, in order to make progress step by step. We need to get used to reflection after each action, continuously improve and progress.

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