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      International Mycotoxin Conference 2014 (ISM2014)

      2019-07-10 14:43Views:0

      The International Society for Mycotoxitology will promote research on mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi thereby leading to prevention and reduction in exposure to mycotoxins, enhanced food safety and a greater public awareness of this area.

      Meetings of the Society will be held in different countries for the exchange of scientific information and the transaction of business.

      The ISM 2014 Congress was held at Beijing, China from 19-22 May, 2014. ?

      Over 400 research and specialists from 32 countries attended this greatest congress. ?Our company as the biggest sponser, existed at the congress and exhibition, bring testing products and devices for Myxotoxins testing solutions.?

      Both the company and the products aroused greatest concern from the attendees.



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