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      ATP Hygiene Monitoring System


      Samples:Surface (environment)

      1 pc/box
      Product introduction

      Will come into the market soon.......

      ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is composed of PureTrust?Intelligent Fluorescence Detector and PureTrust??Surface Swab.

      PureTrust??Intelligent? Fluorescence Detector is a multifunctional and?portable?intelligent luminometer which should be used with our pesticide residue fast detection reagents, surface swabs and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) detection kits.

      The instrument can do fast detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to verify the surface cleaning effects, ALP level in milk and dairy products, and pesticide residue in target samples. It is widely used for on-site fast testing of food, health care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, catering companies, health supervision, hospital or testing organizations and government regulatory authorities.

      The PureTrust??Surface Swab is used for the collection of a sample from a surface. It?is used together with PureTrust??Intelligent Fluorescence Detector.

      Ordering information:

      Catalogue Number

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      PureTrust???Surface Swab

      5?pcs/pack? ? ??10 packs/box


      PureTrust???Intelligent?Fluorescence Detector



      1)Check the voltage configuration whether it matches the supply voltage. The operator should use the original adapter and power cable. 2)Please turn off the instrument in time after use. Unplug the charging connector in time after charging. 3)Do not put the instrument in liquid, nor place it in a place where it may fall into liquid. Please do not turn on the instrument if it is wet and remove the batteryimmediately. 4)The instrument must be used strictly in accordance with the purpose described in the manual. The operator must use the reagent provided by our company. 5)Keep the instrument away from the environment with strong electromagnetic interference. 6)Keep the instrument shut down when not in use for a long time. Remove the battery if necessary. ?7)Avoid exposure of the reading chamber under the strong light, or it will shorten the lifespan of the multiplier tube and the instrument.
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